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Title: Song of Summer's Dream

Description: Abstract expressionist, oil on canvas

Dimensions: 60"h x 48"w

"Song of Summer's Dream" by Janet Cass

  • "Song of Summer's Dream"
    Oil on canvas
    Dimensions: 60"h x 48"w

    "Steady winds of similar strength slide over the water in undulating rhythm, while the shadows dance with wild abandon in response." Janet Cass

    Artist Janet Cass has been photographing and painting the waters and grasslands of her home in New Jersey for many years. Although she has since relocated, she continues to visit the seashores near her new home to take in the beauty and ever-changing nature of water - the focus of her latest collection of paintings.

    In this work, Cass offers a brilliant rendition of water, capturing movement with the variations in color that nature casts on the water's surface.  Water is never always blue as we might believe. It reflects what lies beneath and all around its surface.  The layering of varying shades of yellow, with blue and deep greens and a hint of red is inspired.


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