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Artist: Jose Ignacio Maldonado (1952-2017)
Title: Untitled Abstract Expressionist Landscape
Oil on canvas, 77 1/2"h x 115"w, Framed in a dark wood tight floater frame, signed verso.

This work of art ships from Philadelphia.

Jose Ignacio Maldonado was born in Mazatlán Mexico, in 1952 and died in January 2017 in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. “Nacho” was self-taught and he developed a deep understanding of all painting techniques. He was an art teacher and helped to foster at least two generations of gifted, younger artists in the Guanajuato area. In his own paintings, his abstract figures, still-lifes, and landscapes are rigorous and very precise. He was also a writer and journalist, with two published books, one of poetry and one of the short stories. With more than forty one-man shows, his work is currently in four public collections and in scores of private as well as corporate collections. During his lifetime, Maldonado received many state grants, honors, and prizes for his works of art. He was often heard saying: “Painting is a miracle that develops in front of the artist’s eyes during a climax of absolute certainty, after a good amount of patience and intense work. The purpose of art is not to unveil the mystery but to enlarge the enigma”

Abstract Expressionist Landscape by Jose Ignacio Maldonado (1952-2017)

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